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tv   [untitled]    January 4, 2011 7:00am-7:30am PDT

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that empathy factor between one person that has experienced this helping another person. and i think we need to promote more of that. so i'm, i'm a big believer that money isn't the answer to everything, but i believe that samhsa hit on something when they were funding those type of programs. and in doing so, those individuals that are helping each other, maybe they can help each other on the language front as well as how do they view themselves...absolutely. ...and how do i want to go back to john, john, talk to me about some of the articles where people can access more information, if i wanted to learn more about this. you mentioned that you had authored some articles that may be helpful. well yeah the, you know the question is, is which terms? if we're not going to use certain terms, what terms should we recommend and then advocate for? i know daphne has written a lot about this and, and also bill white. i published a paper in 2004 in the treatment, alcoholism treatment quarterly, which actually
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talks a lot about the issue of terminology and how it may affect, how it's imprecise. for example, we use the term abuse, generically, but also it's a diagnostic label, it's actually a, a dsm diagnostic label, which creates a lot of confusion when you see it written. are they referring to the more generic issue, you know, regarding the whole range of problems versus a particular diagnosis, that has specific meaning? so it's imprecisely used and this is a problem, of course, in communication. so one of the things that i think we need to, we need to have a term that describes these problems generically... and the institute of medicine has tried to deal with that, have they not? yes and the world health organization too, so in the 1970's they were advocating against using the term abuse, even though the american psychiatric association adopted that term which is unfortunate because then that gives rise to the
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term abuser, naturally. and that was the warning actually, back in the '70's that was saying, this is what's going to happen is that you're going to you're going to generate this term by using that term. so what do we replace that with? so there are, there are a couple of things that i see i, i wrote about in that paper and papers since then, is to use, for example, if someone has a diagnosable substance abuse disorder, to use that term, substance abuse disorder. if we're talking about it generically, we might refer to individuals with a substance-related problem or substance- related condition. another term in other countries that have been used is substance misuse. so the misuse of a particular drug or alcohol. and so these are three ter substance-related problem or substance-related condition, again, person first, it's an individual with a substance-related problem or a substance- related condition. substance misuse as opposed to abuse, then that doesn't give rise to that negative connotation regarding abuser. and then substance use disorder, as i mentioned
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before, eating, eating disorders, no problem. everybody refers to them as eating disorders, not as food abusers and i think we should do the same with substance use disorders. very good. well i've certainly enjoyed dealing with this subject matter today and i want to remind folks that national alcohol and drug addiction recovery month, does work to reduce the discrimination associated with individuals in recovery and those that need to go into treatment. it's celebrated every september. we certainly hope that you have learned that during this month, we not only have to use the right language, but we have to embrace the whole concept of support for those in recovery and those who need treatment and their families within their community. so i want to thank you for being here, it's been a terrific show. thank you. for a copy of this program or other programs in the road to recovery series, call samhsa, at 1-800-662-help or order online at
6:04 am and click multimedia. [music] every september, national alcohol and drug addiction recovery month provides an opportunity for communities like yours, to raise awareness of alcohol and drug use disorders and highlight the effectiveness of treatment. in order to help you plan events and activities in commemoration of this year's recovery month observance, the free recovery month kit offers ideas, materials, and tools for planning, organizing, and realizing an event or outreach campaign that matches your goals and resources. to obtain your copy of this year's recovery month kit and gain access to other free publications and materials related to addiction treatment and recovery issues, visit the recovery month website at
6:05 am, or call 1-800-662-help. it's important that everyone become involved because addiction is our nation's number one health problem and treatment is our best tool to address it. [music]
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model number: pdr-885 software version: 3.0c >> hello giants fans. we did not stop believing.
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do you believe? what an amazing and glorious day. ladies and gentlemen, it is my distinct honor and privilege to welcome you to the official city celebration honoring your 2010 world series champions, san francisco giants. [applause] well, for 52 long years, this city has been waiting for this day, for this parade, and for the right to call themselves world champions. [applause] this team has given us so much over the years, and we can all recall memories of our beloved giants that we will never forget. through all those memories and the heartache and the joy they have brought, there was one
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memory, one feeling that has eluded us for 52 very long years, and that memory, that feeling is eludes us no more. [applause] let me hear you make some noise because today, you are world champions. we are going to be saying that a lot today. do you think you could get used to it? since it was so long awaited, and it is so sweet to here, it is once again my pleasure to utter those magical words in succession that this city has been dreaming about hearing since the giants moved west, ladies and gentlemen, it is time to celebrate your 2010 world champion san francisco giants. [applause]
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we would like to take a moment to introduce several giants and special guests and san francisco dignitaries that have joined us today. first, please welcome the governor of the great state of california, the honorable arnold schwarzenegger. the chief of protocol, charlotte schulz. we are honored and delighted to have with us today mrs. gina mosconi and mrs. kathleen alioto. giants managing general partner and ceo bill neukom and his wife sally.
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the giants' president and chief operating officer larry fehr and his wife pam. giant's senior vice president and general manager brian sabian and his wife amanda. the wife of our skipper, mrs. kim bocce. former giants managing general partner, peter mcgowan. clubhouse manager mike murphy is here with his wife carol. also with us today, the giants' training and medical staff, the clubhouse staff, the front office staff of giants executives, and the players' families are here as well.
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i would like to introduce the of the giant broadcast team. tito puentes. dave flemming. mike cruco and dwayne kriker. hall of fame broadcaster jon miller. and finally, two giants living legends, hall of famer mr. willy makati and hall of famer, the greatest mr. willie mays. [applause] how about a big hand for all of
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our special guests, everyone? [applause] we would like to thank the city and county of san francisco and our community partners, bank of america, caw, levi's, coors and miller, sales, diamond foods, and charles schwab who helped make this possible. we would like to recognize broadcast partners knbr 680, the sports leader, comcast sports net bay area and nbc bay area, who bring giants baseball to our fans all season long and who have made it possible for today's event to be watched by giants fans throughout northern california. now, everyone, let's get this show on the road. let's get this party started. it is my great pleasure to introduce two members of the best broadcast team in all of baseball -- please welcome dave
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fleming and john miller. [applause] >> thank you for that. i always thought that this must be what it is like to be code, to go out to st. peter's on the balcony, and go out and there's hundreds of thousands of people, so i would like to bless you all -- i always thought that this must be what it is like should be pope. amen. i would also like to introduce the man who is now the new lieutenant governor and the great mayor of the great city of san francisco, the honorable gavin newsom. [applause]
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what is next, dave? >> i think it is time to meet your 2010 world series champion san francisco giants. let's meet them. first off, former giant first baseman, still in the ball club as instructor and broadcaster, jg snow. former giants shortstop also now an instructor, sean dustin. catching instructor, bill hayes. the giants great third base coach, tim flannery. the bench coach, ron waters. giants' hitting coach, hensley
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euless. first base coach, ronesto kelley. giants' bullpen coach mark gardner. the pitching coach, did a pretty good job, i thought, dave righetti. [applause] how about the giants skipper, his second world series, the manager first with the giants, i think he made all the right moves, brought the giants the world championships, bruce bowen g -- bochy.
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>> bochy. bochy. bochy. bochy. >> all right, let's meet the members of the 2010 giants ballclub. he was injured, it did not have as much impact as he was hoping, but we will be hearing a lot from him in the future. ladies and gentlemen, infielder, emanu-el burris. [applause] how about what this guy did, not just in the regular season, but in the post-season, the series clinching home run. started i guess against the phillies in game 6. the three-run homer started in game one of the world series, shortstop juan urribe.
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ooh. sounds good. this guy was also his season cut short, and we will be seeing a lot of him next year -- outfielder, infielder, a great guy. mark to rosa. played in 29 regular-season games for the giants. he is an infielder, an outfielder. in the regular season, there were lots of heroes for the giants, but nobody had more big
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home runs, seventh inning or later, down the stretch, bay area native, grew up a giants fan, outfielder tad burrow. [applause] how about what a weapon this guy turned into? first baseman, travis ishikawa. [applause] this guy knocked in a run in game 1 of the world series, bay area native, giants fan, outfielder nate sherholmes.
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[applause] latest and gentlemen, the hall of fame in cooperstown new york, for this morning because they have a lot of memorabilia from the giants on display right now, including the batting helmets worn in the world series. ladies and gentlemen, the national league championship series mvp, here is toni ross. -- tony ross. [applause] an important pick up midseason, late-season from the chicago cubs, he started four different post-season games for the giants, infielder.
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will the recovery once hunted for a double. travis ishikawa -- we saw this, but we never thought we would see a bunt later, but there it was in the clinching game, aubrey huff. [applause] how about this next giant -- so young to be the longest tenured member of the world championship giants, 2-0 in the postseason. he did not give up a run all post-season long. his cap is in cooperstown as we
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speak. starting pitcher, matt cain. [applause] this guy knows how to make an entrance. first world series, he hit a double. his first at bat, second, third, giants second baseman freddie sanchez. how about the giants' backup catcher, had a memorable home run against none other than roy holiday, eli white size. [applause]
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in game four, he hit a home run, and that pretty much did the rangers in. he is the capture of the giants. buster posey. [applause] how about giants infielder ryan rohlinger? ryan. in game four of the national championship series, this was one of the great post-season games ever played in major- league history and one of the great games of this post season. he cut down the phillies' carlos
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ruiz with an incredible grow, outfielder aaron rowand. [applause] i do not think any giants fan is ever going to forget that night. rockets were in san francisco. gimenez were on the mound, and his mad-to help win a critical game, outfielder darren ford. ladies and gentlemen, i have only one phrase for the next giants player -- the beard. brian wilson. [applause]
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fear teh beard. how about the youngest left- handed pitcher in the history of the world series. eight shut up series. madison bumgarner. they tied the phillies in game 6. the bullpen when they last innings, and coming in first in the third inning, men all over the bases in a tie game, and he was critical to the giants winning the pennant. here he is, a left-hander,
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affeldt. -- jeremy affeldt. \ the next left-handed pitcher had his season cut short, but we know he has a bright season with the giants, dan runzler. giant open was right down the stretch, and this guy, maybe through his heart, santiago casilla. [applause] another recent acquisition to help the giants down the stretch. i would say he give a heck of a status report on those rangers hitters, too.
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chris ray. [applause] he hit a two-run double to put the giants ahead of the phillies. he is the panda. pablo sandoval. what a weapon. what left-handed reliever has ever had a better post season and the next man, javier lopez? [applause] acquired for the stretch run in the trade, right-hander ramon
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ramirez. i think we can use the phrase fear the beard again. right hand reliever sergio romo. [applause] giants' leadoff man -- do you want to raise? center fielder andres torres. giants' starting pitcher, a huge part of their success this season, game 3 against the braves, struck out 11 atlanta hitters, jonathan sanchez. [applause] this guy finished of game 1, the
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giants first win of the series, right-hander, dear mel -- guillermo mota. >> the giants would not be here without the contribution of this left-hander, no. 75, newberry zito zito -- barry zito. [applause] >> this next guy is now -- and the jersey he wore is in the hall of fame. the jersey from game 5. he beat clint least twice, tim lincecum. [applause]
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[applause] >> and last but not least, who is ever going to forget the moment from game 5 in texas, one of many great moments in his playoff career, the giants' shortstop, groceries post a valuable player, -- world series most viable player edgar re nteria. [applause] >> now we want you to please welcome a musical guest to perform "san francisco" for us. thank you.


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